Volunteers needed to help

Thank you for your interest. Short Circuit Cancer events are made possible because of a dedicated team of volunteers, who are passionate about short circuiting cancer and providing support for the community.

Volunteers don't just do the work - they MAKE it work!

If you are tagging along to support family or a loved one, and would like to be part of the action, and have fun, then why don't you consider volunteering on the day. It's also a great way to meet people.

If you would like to volunteer, read up on the available volunteer roles and shifts, select the ones most suited to you and complete the online registration form.


Volunteers are the FACE of our event so a happy smile and words of encouragement are essential ingredients!

• Leaflet dropper: The week before the event, mail drop off a letter to notify local residents of the event.

• Relay plate collation: The week before the event, assist with the collation, bagging, and kitting of relay entries.

• Physical jobs: Unpacking, set up on the morning of the event, and assistance with pack up after the event.

• Database and spreadsheet management: Collate all entries for mail merge on relay plates (one person required)

• Registration: For the Early Birds! A 6:00am start! At least three people are required for this early start to set up the tables and be ready for 6:30am when registration opens. Simply tick off the names of the team members, ensure each team gets relay plates and finalise any paperwork. There may be some teams that will register on the day as well. The shift will be from 6:00am until 8:00am when registration closes.

• Record keeping of laps: A simple check list to record the number of laps each team/solo rider has done. We will need at least three people for each shift due to the number of people riding. Each shift will be 2 hours, commencing 8:00am and finishing 2:00pm.

• Sweeper riders: Have a ride during the day through the track to make sure everyone is happy and no signs have been tampered with. At the end of the relay, do a final sweep of the tracks to ensure that all competitors have left the trail and the track free of litter - a vital role.

• BBQ: Calling all cooks! We would love to have your help with the BBQ this year. Cook a few eggs, some bacon for breakfast; or volunteer for the next shift of sausage sandwiches. Any help would be most appreciated!

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